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Flytime paragliders provide a professional and dedicated service for complete paragliding solutions for first-timers and also collaborating on professional events. We have complete end-to-end tours for people around the world and can provide transport, accommodation and provide all of the gear needed to experience of the very best locations on the earth when it comes to consistent and amazing paraglide jumps.

We have secured accommodation and tour guides that take you to paragliding instructors who provide the necessary professional gear and you can experience the thrill of a paragliding in the Eden district along the Garden Route in and along the Western Cape in South Africa. We have a presence in multiple locations in including Wilderness, Hoekwil, Sedgefield, Knysna and Plettenberg Bay and we also do tours to other excellent locations further up and down the coastal region and certain mountain ranges where there are very strong currents, wind or other geographical features that create just the right mix of elements to fly through the sky like a bird high above and looking down as you soar above gorgeous green and blue vistas and experiencing the magic of paragliding.

We have aligned with independent travel agents who take tours for guests of the various sight seeing attractions and various lists of some of the local festivals and events that take place annually. We have staff that speak multiple languages like English, Afrikaans, German, Arabic and some of the local languages. We also have experience providing tours for groups that require certain luxury accommodation or catering for Muslim or kosher or other requirements. We also cater for women only tours or adventures for the elderly.

We can custom arrange tours for you just contact us and we can provide you access to the various attractions that you may be interested in. The garden route is filled with various attractions and stretches along the majestic garden route along forests and rocky outcrops and many rivers flowing from inland and out to the sea which provides breath taking vistas and sun-sets and simply gorgeous landscapes bursting with nature and various plants and animals, fauna and flora and literally world class blue flag beaches and there are many historic towns and monuments new and ancient in this region of South Africa.

Our transport services use professional tour guides that are licensed and have lots of local knowledge to provide our valued customers very very best experiences including food, entertainment and can assist in providing custom needs and personalized tours. There are also various religious places of worship for Christians, Jews and Muslims and can easily cater for guests that have extra needs.


We import the very best gear from around the world including from Germany, Scandinavian and the United States and have a shop that sells professional paragliding equipment including suits, harnesses, various styles of gliders and parachute gear including motors, helmets, gloves and visors and other required gear. We also have various instructors that can certify people interested in joining professional paragliding clubs and can provide certification. We are also aligned with SAHPA (South African Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association) and also professional tour guide and travel credentials so we make sure that our customers have the very best travel and paragliding experiences and have world class locations and jump sites that we use and other prime spots where we’re able to pick-up wind-currents, ocean currents and winds from mountain ranges that produce the right mix of conditions to experience world-class travelling experiences and paragliding and other tour attractions. There are many other extreme and other sporting activities including a selection of horse tours, wine estates, surfing, diving snorkelling, golfing, fishing, hikes, art tours, spiritual and religious conferences and getaways, helicopter and plane rides and others as well.

We stock various brands and select gear for professional paragliders and stock! Ask us for for our Sky Catalogue to check out the very best and technologically advanced equipment on offer. Premier Brands like Sky Paragliders, Axis, Fly Market, Sky Paraglider, Charly, Syride and others making sure that our parachute gear and harnesses and reserves facilitate the very flying experiences and providing maximum safety and light-weight gear. We also cater for different sizes and have small, medium and large gear in various brands and colours.

We also supply various instruments and instrumentation for weather and wind speeds and get the local ocean currents, seasonal tides and other data to ensure the very best paragliding rigs and conditions and appropriate locations for the best flying sensations.

We also have some second hand gear on sale in excellent conditions and all our gear is tested independently. All 2nd hand paragliders sold, include a glider check report from a 3rd party company to ensure that you will buy quality and airworthy products. We do have some other paragliding equipment not available in our online catalogue so please contact us with your requirements and flying requirements.

We are also official agents for many professional manufacturers in South Africa can can provide you with the latest equipment and instruments for your flying experiences. We are the importers of Sky Paragliding products, Axis Paragliding gear and products and also Syride. So professionals and amateurs can contact us for their gear or if you have any requests or questions regarding best of breed equipment and gear. We also are very knowledgeable regarding all paragliding products and various gear, devices and clothing that is available. We can also provide you with catalogues and products lists of premiere equipment, products, instruments and gear and can provide excellent advise for beginners and professionals as our dedicated paragliding services for our travellers and guests.

Our paragliders products and gear is priced at very competitive prices and we can provide discounts for bulk purchases. We can also provide custom kits for people interested in taking up paragliding as a sport or hobby and can provide you with Gilders, Harnesses and Reserves and other instruments and accessories like helmets and gloves. We also gather live data from the various weather instruments, ocean currents and tides and gather the latest technological advances to give our customers the very best access to the right equipment and gear to be able to catch the very best wind and ocean currents and fly like a bird. Check our holiday special prices and watch our websites for amazing discounts on our equipment.



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