Weather is without a doubt the single most importat subject in paragliding. To check the weather is part of the pre-flight planing for every day we go out to fly. Only a pilot who can asses, foracast and plan according to weather forecast, maps and data, will become a complete pilot who can make sound decissions.

Below you will find weather sites which can help you to plan paragliding safely. To really learn weather, its patterns and how it works, you will have to sit down and go into this subject. You can find a lot of information out there on the NET or in books.

 South African Weather photos and wind forecast 

Weather Photos & Meteorology by Cobus Botha

Very nice homepage from Cobus Botha, to forecast the weather, with lots of satellite images and charts at your hand at a single homepage

 XC Skies, weather for soaring and paragliding pilots

XC Skies Soaring and Cross Country Weather

A great page to plan your next great XC flight or to find out about thermal activity for the next day

 South African Synoptic isobar map

 South African Synoptyc ground pressure isobar chart

For an experienced paragliding pilot who wants to know what really happens outside an absolute must. If you don't understand a Synoptic chart, you don't really understand your weather.

 iWeathar weather stations for Paraglider pilots along the South African coast

 iWeathar - True wind speed direction, temperature and humidity

There is almost now way around iWeather stations. It can tell and warn you what really happens out there. True wind data, beats any weather forecast.

 Windyty global airflow strength and direction

 Windyty real time global wind map

A great tool to see what the wind does and why.

 Windguru windspeed and direction and waves

 Windguru - Fast weather check

This weather forecast gives you details about the wind, gust factor, waves and temperature. Good to check the forecast in a glimpse.

 Windfinder windspeed direction and cloud cover


A good comparison to Windguru and again a quick forecast for wind, temperature and cloud coverage.

 YR-NO Weather forecast, weather map, rain chart

 YR-NO weather forecast and Maps

Good indicator for rain, wind, lapse rate etc. Always good to have a look at this page.

 South African Weather service

 South African Weather Service

A page for a general Weather forecast, better to look here then go out without a an idea what is going on.

If you would like us to help you with weather briefings, call us on 072 612 8168



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