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FlyTime Paragliding is a SAHPA (South Africa Hangliding and Paragliding Association) registered school. SAHPA is the governing body for paragliding in South Africa. Affiliated with FIA allowing to be internationally recognized. The chief instructor and owner of FlyTime, Joerg Bueble is holder of a SAHPA instructors license as well as the only German DHV (Deutscher Haengegleiter Verband) instructors license in South Africa.

SAHPA has established a high training and pilot standard and with its training book (pilots proficiency card), allows every student to follow up on each step of his/her training progress.

This all allows foreign national students and pilots to have recognition to convert their license with their national body. FlyTime has instructors which hold DHV/Oeaec (German/Austrian) and SAHPA instructor’s licenses.
After completing the basic license course requirements you will be issued a basic license from SAHPA which enables you to fly from almost all sites in South Africa without instructor supervision. This license gives you an IPPI (International Pilot Proficiency Identification) rating of 4. This is equal to the German Luftfahrerschein or the Austian Sonderpilotenschein.

Why the PLUS

We go beyond the South African Basic License theory and practical minimum requirements. Airtime can not be substituted. Unless the weather doesn't permit so, our upcoming pilots, will do 5-7 hours of flying. This extended airtime allows you to extensively practice all practical manouvres. Our student pilots are training on the latest, state of the art equipment. Latest technology in paragliding equipment makes the learning teaching experience much easier and leads to a faster skill development. Modern gliders, launch easier and have better performance while the passive safety has an edge over older equipment. We train mainly in light to moderate thermal conditions in Sedgefield. Through airflow (pressure) equalization in thermal conditions, mild turbulence is created. An upcoming pilot needs to learn how to react and handle such conditions, which eventually leads to a active flying style and subsequently a better pilot. It is easier to go back to coastal soaring instead of going from mainly coastal flying over to thermal flying. We do not only believe, but know, that theory lessons are a fundamental tool in paragliding training. We don't skimp on theory or put you in front of a video. You can teach parts of the theory on site but in order to teach theory professional and with the necessary learning success, you need the right environment. We teach in a state of the art media room. Our comprehensive power point theory presentation covers all aspects as per minimum requirement. Because the minimum basic theory requirements are mainly a introduction, we cover a much wider part which is vital to develop to a better pilot.  Each basic training course includes around 8-9 hours of theory. You will only develop skill with knowledge. Every student will receives  custom made 60 page training manual, which covers all essential theory parts and also leads you in the right direction to find answers to complete the basic license theory exam. This way you save time looking for the answers while searching the net. The theory lessons together with the book, will answer most if not all of the questions.

To sum it up. Our passionate team strives to develop the best possible pilot out of each student. We will put a big smile on your face.     

Questions you should ask your future paragliding school

Find out more about the South African paragliding basic license requirements


Airtime is the most important factor to gain experience and confidence. Most of our students will finish their course with between 5-7 hours of airtime. We recommend that you plan with at least 12-14 days of vacation, to have some spare days, for in case of not flyable weather conditions. Everything less than 12 days, makes it very difficult to complete all parts of the requirement.
The Course fee of R 14,500.00 includes everything from Equipment, student license payment to SAHPA, transport to and from the sites as well as theory book and lectures.

Once the course is completed, the License fee for the following year is subject to be paid by the pilot!!!

We teach in English, Afrikaans and German

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