Paragliding Basic License minimum requirements South Africa

Practical Part

• Minimum of 35 flights with a duration of at least 60 seconds
• 20 Flights of those must be of higher than 100m hight difference
• 2 Flights with minimum of 10min thermic flying
• 1 Flight with a duration of 20min plus
• Done ridge soaring flights, sharing the site with several other pilots
• Good unassisted forward take-off skill in wind strengths of 0-10km/h
• Good reverse pull up technique (min. 3 take-offs)
• Straight line flying ability
• A flight demonstrating S turns or figure 8's
• 180° turns, left and right
• 360° turns, left and right
• Demonstrate a flight and landing with rear risers
• Flying (descending) with Big Ears
• Demonstration of landing accuracy, 3 out of 3 attempts within radius of 50m
• Good layout, daily inspection and pre-flight check (5 point check) ability
• Demonstrate good unassisted pull ups/inflation and ground control
• Total of at least 4 hours air time
• Have flown at least 2 different sites
• Be familiar with Parachute Landing Fall (PLF)
• Pass the Basic license written test

Theoretical Part

• Paragliding Equipment
• Aerodynamics
• Micrometeorology
• Air Law
• Flying Skills




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