Introductory Paragliding Course

Our 1 day introduction course gives you the first taste of free flying, learn something about the parts we use on a paraglider. Get an idea how to pull it up, fly and land on your own. The first flights are conducted from a training hill with around 40m heights.

The 2 day introduction course gives you an in depth insight into the feel of paragliding. After you completed the first day we will do some fine tuning to get you ready to fly safely off the higher hills and mountains. The second day consists of at least 2 flights from sites higher than 100m. We offer you to take you on a tandem and show you the world from above with one of our tandem instructors.

1 Day Introduction Course

Launching and Handling of the paraglider on the ground, followed by first solo flights under radio contact. You will learn how to launch, speed control, steer and land a paraglider safely. This all is done on a training slope, free of obstacles.

2 Day introduction Course

Consists of fine tuning of your already learned and developed flying skills to make you comfortable for the next step, real free flying from hill and mountain sites above 100m height difference. All flights done can be carried into a full basic license course if you decide to become a free flying pilot.

Tandem introduction flight

A tandem flight intro, including theoretical and practical lessons offer you the quickest way to experience the world of paragliding and free flight. You will be able to fly together with an experienced paragliding instructor under close supervision. If the conditions allow suitable, then you will control and steer the paraglider on your own. The in-flight duration of the flight will be up to 10min.

Should you decide to take part in a full paragliding basic course with us, then this first flight will count towards your minimum required high flights.

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