To ensure you get the most out of your training and maximize your training success ask your future paragliding school the following questions:

• Is your future school a full time school, every day on site to ensure I can finish training on time?

• How many instructors does the school have. As more instructors you have at your disposal, as better it is? Different instructors, different input. One instructor certainly does not cut it.

• What equipment will I be training on? Gliders/harnesses not older than 4-5 years is the absolute industry standard. Although old equipment is often used in South Africa. Don't except it! Ask your school    beforehand what equipment will be used and if necessary search the internet to find more out about the equipment. It can make the difference in your training.

• Will I fly mainly from top to bottom, gliding down, or will I fly at sites and conditions which allow me to stay up?

• Will I do all 35 required flights over one minute as per requirements, training hill flights are as good as never close to 1 minute. Don't let it count.

• Has your school a paragliding simulator which allows to simulate every single maneuver without stress?

• Will your instructor demonstrate glider handling etc. A good instructor opens your horizon by showing you what is possible.

• Has your future school decent theory facilities. Theory is most important for a new paragliding pilot. 1-2 hours is by far not enough to teach the theory. A video alone, does not suffice at all!

• Will you get a proper training manual to answer the theory exam questions. The SAHPA book is merely a proficiency log book.

• Will I have adequate thermal flying, the minimum requirements are not sufficient to practice this import aspect.

• How much airtime will I have once the course is completed. The minimum requirements are not enough!

As with every profession out there, you can find more or less skilled, talented and passionate people in paragliding. It can be well worth to check your future instructors and school out to ensure the best results. 

If you have questions, drop us a mail to clear up what ever you would like to know.



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