Practical Requirements for Sport Licence:

  • Basic Licence for at least 6 months.
  • Minimum of 125 solo flights of over 60 seconds each (copy of logbook attached).
  • At least 10 flights of over 200 m height take-off.
  • At least 1 flight of over 60 minutes duration:
  • Minimum of 20 hours total airtime.
  • Flown at least 6 different sites, ONE of which must have been coastal (within 20km of sea), and THREE inland. One of the inland sites must be from above 5,000feet ASL.
  • Good layout and pre-flight checks.
  • Very good ground control.
  • Good control of reverse pull-up and take-off in soarable wind:
  • Soaring in ridge lift.
  • Top landing.
  • Consecutive 360° turns (thermaling) to more than 300m ATO.
  • Landing accuracy landing 3 out of 3 attempts in 30m-diameter circle.

Supply a certificate from a Registered School or SAHPA rated Instructor that the pilot has successfully completed all the tasks as required in the Operations & Procedures Manual, on a registered safety course (dates and list of tasks completed must be included).

Checks by the L&SO/Instructor that the pilot has the theoretical knowledge including knowledge of the dangers and can demonstrate and recover from the following tasks (each task must be separately checked and cross referenced to flight numbers in logbook):

Emergency procedures, e.g. deployment of reserve parachute (when, how),

  • Pendulum Control
  • Point of stall approach
  • Asymmetric and symmetric wing tucks
  • Approach to incipient spin
  • B-riser stall
  • Front tuck
  • Butterfly stroke landing
  • Symmetrical wingtips-tucked landing (Big Ears)

(The Club L&SO may also accept signatures or verbal agreement by Observers, for practical checks in the list.

Each manoeuvre must be separately signed.)

Thorough knowledge of (not required to demonstrate):

  • The performance limitations of the pilot's glider
  • Cliff take-off
  • Steep turns/spirals
  • Stalls
  • Spins

Theoretical Test passed & attached.



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