Du Toits - Langloof

paragliding in du toits, langloof

GPS coordinates: 33°46'48" (33.78)S; 22°28'48" (22.48)E

Elevation: 589m

Take off: Launch can only be reached with a 4x4. Very slightly sloping stony area with fynbos covering. Might be classified as a cliff launch as there is a 2metre drop off.

Landing: Bottom landing is possible anywhere but the main landing is a 3km glide. Very large area but running next to the road on the north side is a high power line. Be aware that you may share the field with ostriches who are not only curious but stupid and easily scared.

Going there: Very easy to bottom of launch via the N9 from George. 18 km from Herold. You need permission and a key to get up the 4x4 track.

Comments: Site has not been flown as often as it should! Site record 92.8km Jan Minnaar May 2001 towards the east direction Joubertina. Northerly 1998 Bryan Turner to Calitz Dorp about 65Km. Mike Reilly flew to the Wilderness February 2008

Weather hazards: As this faces north and is flyable in a NW wind be caredul that the NW is not BERG or Foehn type wind.

Flight regulation: We do have the approach to George at 3500FT. George ATC need to be notified before you launch. 044 8018808 or airband 124.800MHZ

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