Gerricke's Point

paragliding in gerricke's point

GPS coordinates: 34°1'52" (34.0313)S; 22°45'49" (22.7637)E

Elevation: 129 m.

Take off: 130m ASL Just 50m to the right of the small clearing where you parked. Please launch towards the front of the ridge to minimize environmental impact of our flying on the Fynbos reserve, where the owners graciously (although we pay for it) let us fly.

Landing: Toplanding in strong wind can be tricky and shouldn't be attempted by beginners, unless guided by an instructor. Please land as much towards the front of the ridge. Otherwise, to the east on the beach, just in front of the small parking area and toilets. Please be mindfull of beach patrons.

Going there: From George or Wilderness, drive along the N2 towards Sedgefield untill you reach a restaurant on your right called Fynbos Grill. Stop there to sign and pay the entry fee of 75 rand. Then drive up the road (great condition), past the owners house - respect the owners privacy and do not speed. You will arrive at a small clearing. Park here.

Comments: This is a Fynbos (a type of heather) reserve. Do not litter, do not smoke,do not make fires, do not speed on the road. Violating any rule will get you banned for life. Please read the posted rules and regulations.

Weather hazards: SE light wind only. Excellent if Paradise ridge is too light ( <15km/hour). This site will then work well. Dont fly in strong (>25km/hour) wind.

Flight regulation: ceiling 465m ASL

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