About tandem paragliding here in the Garden Route

As a pilot, flying on a daily basis, I have to remind my self now and then what paragliding might actually be for a non flying person. What we do every day, running down a slight slope and gliding and climbing dozen or hundreds of meters up in into the sky, bound to the here and now. For somebody who becomes comfortable with this, it is like the runners experience of the flow. A condition, where time is secondary, focused only on the moment, also called feeling of energized focus.

A tandem paragliding flight is simply the best way to experience the feeling of being completely free, depending on wind and thermals, to let us gain height without an external energy and power source. Everybody can join this adventure, young and old. We have taken disabled people up as well as seniors over 90 year of age.

Tandem Flights in the Garden Route: Down here at Sea Level, the air is more dense that high up on a mountain. This dense air makes it possible to take off much quicker and with slower speed and at the same time the landing will be much slower as well. Of course this makes it more ideal for a passenger as it is easier. Because of the strength of the African sun, the thermals are stronger which allows us to fly more consistently. This together with consistent Southerly coastal sea breeze conditions, combines all this positive influences, let alone the mild climate, with mostly sunny days. There are no better conditions to experience this type of activity.

Safety: Many people ask us this question. I usually explain it this way. Think about mountain biking. It's a mass sport and because it is well established nobody really questions the safety. Of course there are accidents and I would go so far to say that mountain biking is as safe or risky as paragliding. Paragliding flights in the Garden Route are conducted from grassy hills and dunes. This is the ideal environment for this sport as there are no rocks and hard obstacles. We have a 100% safety record and we are very happy about this. This doesn't mean that this sport is 100% safe. In fact nothing you do is 100% safe. You can step in a whole and sprain your leg or even brake it. This can happen everywhere else as well. So to sum it up, It is a very safe sport but everybody must still be realistic about the fact that accidents happen everywhere. We don't take risks and working hard on keeping our excellent safety record where it is now.

Clothing: We don't make much fuss about this. Because of the mild climate down here, we our self often fly in T-shirt and shorts. To bring at least a light jacket is never a mistake. The conditions can change and there is the windchill effect. Put more attention to the shoes. If possible, bring trainers or any other closed shoes. Flip Flops and high heels are not really an option.

A tandem flight is an easy and safe way to experience this amazing adventure at its best.

Below you will find some of our main tandem paragliding sites. As we fly weather dependent, we choose the sites accordingly to wind direction and speed, usually in the morning of the flying day. Some times we re-locate if the conditions change during the day.


Tandem Flights at the Paradise Ridge in Wilderness    Tandem Paragliding Flights in Sedgefield    Tandem Paragliding Flights from the Map of Africa 

Tandem Paragliding Flights in Kleinkrantz at the Car Park    Beach Hotel Tandem Paragliding in Wilderness    Motorized Tandem Paragliding Flights in Sedgefield 

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